Fine art photography for design projects

Cows are funny creatures. Regarded as sacred by some but nothing more than a walking burger by others, they can be engaging and often amusing if you spend a bit of time with them. That’s what fine photographic artist Matthew Pangbourne found anyway. Having been nicknamed Mattmoo for many years and specialising in nature inspired images, it’s rather fitting that he became fascinated with these brainy bovines and can regularly be found stomping the fields to capture their unique personalities.

This lovely creature has just been installed as a 2.1m custom-made print, filling the hallway of a contemporary home. I don’t know what her new owners saw when they chose this particular cow picture but it must have reached out to them in some way, as all art should. Maybe they just found it amoosing!

Whether you are looking for nature inspired art for offices or contemporary photographic images for design projects, Beeseye showcases has a wonderful gallery of fine art photography. Our service is entirely bespoke and we are dedicated to producing individual pieces that suit the client and the space. Not all our images are in the gallery so do get in touch to discuss your project.

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