1. Nature inspired images for hospitality design projects worldwide

    Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 18.18.36Beeseye regularly work with interior designers and art consultants who are looking for abstract contemporary nature images for their interior design projects. But every now and then a project comes along that’s rather special.

    CityCenter, a new development in the heart of Las Vegas, houses a $40 million art collection featuring works by great artists such as Henry Moore, Maya Lin and Richard Long. EDL & Associates, an independent and full-service art consulting firm based in Atlanta, assisted in the art buying for the project and Beeseye were delighted when they chose these Beeseye images to add to this collection. They now hang in the suites of the Aria Tower hotel as giclée prints on canvas and watercolour paper.

    In this instance, Beeseye supplied the images in high resolution format for reproduction in the US, but should overseas clients prefer Beeseye to print up each piece, worldwide shipping costs can be surprisingly affordable, making Beeseye images available for hospitality design projects throughout the world.

    When printing in the UK, images are Giclée printed onto canvas, glass or Perspex acrylic. Photographic printing is an art, and each of our Giclée prints are given intense individual attention, working with designer and printer to meet a brief precisely. The results are superb quality prints with unparalleled vibrancy and detail that should literally last well over a lifetime. Their digital nature also means they can be reproduced exactly the same, time after time, even years apart, making this method perfectly suited for our limited edition prints.

    For fine art paper, the Lambda printing method is used. Lambda, or LightJet, printing gives sharp photographic images, continuous tone and high-impact color graphic prints. The quality of a Lambda print is superior in terms of clarity, sharpness and in color saturation to any other large format printing process. Lambda printing gives true continuous tone, ultra sharp photographic images with crisp and precise edge-to-edge printing and absolutely no distortion.

    The Beeseye Fine Art website is home to fine photographic images inspired by nature. Our service is entirely bespoke – there are no fixed sizes. We offer art consulting and creative services from concept development and planning to procurement and installation, working collaboratively with individuals, designers and hoteliers.

    If you have an interior design project coming up and have been inspired by our images, do get in touch to discuss your requirements.



  2. Abstract contemporary nature images online

    abstract contemporary nature images, abstract images, abstract images inspired by nature, abstract photography, acrylic art, affordable art, affordable original art, art consultancy, art consultants, art consulting, art for businesses, art for offices, art in nature, art photography, art prints, art on canvas, art giclee prints, award winning fine photographic artists, bespoke art, canvas art, client specific artThis is so true. When I look at the contemporary nature images that we feature on the Beeseye fine art website, I often think of the thousands of other images that have been taken but rejected. Our ‘Living’ collection is the result of hours of dedication, love and talent by our featured fine art photographers.

    Taking nature inspired images is, by its very name, often dependent on the forces of nature. You can’t plan the intricacies of seascape images. Sure, you can watch weather forecasts and tide times but at the end of the day, hours of sitting patiently on an uncomfortable rock will either deliver the seas you want or not. When the weather does co-operate, the resulting contemporary seascape images are powerful and dramatic and the hours spent waiting to capture them well worth it.

    The images that our photographers shoot are taken with one thought in mind…. to capture stunning contemporary images inspired by nature. The brief is not to take images that can be used as art for offices, contemporary art for the home or art for hospitality design projects. It is simply to take images that are beautiful, natural and taken with passion.

    Of course, our talented photographers produce many images that are ‘Beeseye perfect’ but because we like to keep the website clean and tidy, not all of our nature inspired images are featured at the same time. If you take a browse through our galleries but don’t quite see what you’re looking for, do give us a call because it may well be that we have just the image you’re looking for. Beeseye’s creations are entirely bespoke – there are no fixed sizes and every piece is made to measure.


  3. Moody Blooms

    fine art photography, abstract contemporary nature images, abstract images inspired by nature, affordable original art, bespoke art, contemporary floral images, corporate art services, nature images for decor, keeping it naturalAccording to VOGUE’s autumn/winter 2013 fashion guide: “Lush blooms in overripe hues, scattered across blackened silks and chiffons, lend this season’s florals a dark enigmatic glamour.”

    Looks like this abstract contemporary nature image from Beeseye is right on trend.

    The Beeseye Galley, home to contemporary fine art images inspired by nature.


  4. Contemporary art online – galleries without fear

    Cow images, contemporary cow images, contemporary photographic art, bespoke art, custom art, printed directly onto glass, printed onto Perspex acrylic, natural decor, master printers, award winning fine photographic artists, client specific art, art for offices, art for design projects, art in natureWalking into an art gallery can be a daunting experience if you’re not au fait with all things arty. They’re a bit like libraries aren’t they? You feel like you have to whisper and tread quietly in case some carefully chosen piece of art decides to leap off the wall and crash into pieces at your feet.

    Of course, you may be bolder than many and own the experience, sharing your knowledge of abstract art, contemporary art or fine art photography with a delighted gallery owner.

    Whichever palette you fall into, a physical art gallery has one distinct disadvantage…. space. You can only fit so many abstract contemporary nature images onto a wall, thus limiting the experience for the admirer.

    At the Beeseye online gallery, you can view literally dozens of beautiful nature inspired photographic images at the click of a button. The site is carefully managed into mood rooms that display Flora Vivid, Cosmos and Matt Pangbourne’s famous Cow images to name a few. You can view as many or as few as you like, and re-visit as many times as you like without ever having to leave your home or office (not that you’d want to never leave the office of course!).

    “What about being able to see it in situ?” I hear you say. Well, we’ve got that covered too. The Beeseye Gallery is entirely bespoke so we can Photoshop your favourite(s) onto a pic of the wall in question – at just the right size, and in just the right position – so you can see exactly what the finished piece will look like.

    Canvas, fine art paper, Perspex acrylic and even glass (fabulous for kitchen splash backs) are all within our remit so do get in touch to discuss your requirements. Although the website is home to a great many of our images, they’re not all up there, so if you have something in mind but don’t immediately see it, do let us know.

  5. Contemporary images for nature inspired design projects

    Beeseye Fine Art, abstract nature images, contemporary nature images, nature inspired images, fine art photography, online art, nature images for decor, nature images for design projects, original art, reconnect with nature,In today’s challenging economic climate the pressure on employees to work longer hours is ever present.

    Although employers may not be willing to kick staff out of the office at 5.30, they are willing to create working environments with natural décor; spaces that bring the outside in and enable staff to re-connect with nature and revive senses.

    Beeseye’s abstract contemporary nature images are the perfect complement to such design projects.

    We work with interior designers, art consultants, corporations and individuals to realise concepts and provide client specific, custom made contemporary photographic art to suit the project and the space.

    We use the Giclée printing method when printing onto canvas, glass or Perspex acrylic; and the Lambda method when printing onto fine art paper.

    Our online art gallery showcases many, but not all, of our images so if you don’t see what you’re looking for do get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.



  6. The world's largest art gallery… coming to a billboard near you

    fine art photography, photographic fine art, natural images, nature in art, nature inspired art, landscape art

    Out of Blue by Zarina Bhimji, Art Everywhere

    This summer, the UK’s streets will be flooded with art.

    The Art Everywhere project is asking people to vote for their favourite works of art from a list of 100. The nation’s favourite 50 will then be reproduced on at least 15,000 poster sites across the UK between 10th and 25th August.

    The list of 100 was drawn up by committee whose members came in with their own lists of 50 artworks. Ranging from medieval to modern day, the only criteria being that they were British and publicly owned.

    The Art Everywhere project is the brainchild of Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks who says his aim is to flood the streets of the UK with the greatest art the country has ever produced. Reed said that the project is simply about getting people to enjoy art and he hoped it might inspire people to visit a gallery.

    At Beeseye we may specialise in abstract contemporary nature images but we appreciate of all forms of art and applaud Richard Reed for finding such an innovative way of bringing great British artworks to the attention of the nation. Make sure you have your vote by visiting their website.

    Beeseye is home to fine abstract images, inspired by nature. Our creations are entirely bespoke – there are no fixed sizes and every piece is made to measure. Our clients range from individuals to corporates, and designers to hoteliers. We offer art consulting and creative services from concept development and planning, to procurement and installation. Whether you are looking for natural images on glass for a kitchen splash back, fine art photography on Perspex acrylic for your boardroom, or abstract contemporary nature images on canvas for your design project, Beeseye will go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you want. Do get in touch to discuss your requirements.


  7. Nature in art: Hubble's view of the cosmos

    Hubble photography, nature in art, nature inspired art, printing on acrylic, printing on glass, glass splash back, online gallery, award winning fine photographic artists, contemporary art, space art, art from the cosmos, abstract contemporary nature images, Hubble images, Hubble photographySince the earliest days of astronomy, astronomers have shared a single goal – to see more, see farther, see deeper. The idea for the space telescope arose in 1923 when German scientist Hermann Oberth, one of the founders of rocketry, suggested blasting a telescope into space aboard a rocket. The Hubble Space Telescope’s launch in 1990 brought that dream to reality with once unimaginable celestial phenomena now made visible using Hubble’s cutting-edge technology.

    Hubble is a NASA project and they contracted the Space Telescope Science Institute to create products and services that return the scientific discoveries of Hubble to the public. They believe these discoveries belong to us all and as such have released the images of space into the public domain. Beeseye are grateful that we are able to present a few of these contemporary space images in our online gallery and that we can share them by offering to print them for our customers.

    Beeseye offer a bespoke service – there are no fixed sizes. We can print onto fine art paper, canvas, Perspex acrylic and even print on glass. Imagine this stunning cosmic image as a contemporary glass splash back in your kitchen!


  8. Bring the outside in with Beeseye's nature inspired photographic art

    nature inspired art, fine art photography, nature inspired photography, images inspired by nature, art for the home, 'living' collection, bespoke art, art for offices, art for design projects, canvas art, acrylic art, printing on perspex acrylic, fine art for design projectsThe popularity of neutral tones and natural materials makes many homes the perfect backdrop for a splash of colour.

    This rural family home is a traditional country house on the outside, but once through the door the styling is contemporary and chic. The owners wanted to add a splash of colour to the otherwise neutral decor, so we suggested they take a look at Beeseye’s gallery of Flora Vivid images, one of a collection of galleries offering natural images for decor.

    Several contemporary images were shortlisted so we Photoshopped each one into a photograph of the space so our clients could see them in situ before making their final choice. This beautiful and striking nature inspired image was the lucky winner and was printed onto Perspex acrylic.

    The acrylic is frosted on the reverse so you can’t see straight through it. When installed on the wall, it stands off by about an inch. Printing onto Perspex acrylic is perfect for contemporary design projects and for rooms that might be subject to humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms.

    Beeseye’s nature inspired contemporary photographic art can be made to virtually any size and printed on a range of materials including printing directly on glass, canvas, fine art paper and of course, printing on Perspex acrylic.

    If you want to bring the outside in to your home, take a browse through the Beeseye galleries. Not all of our images are online though so do get in touch and we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.


  9. Buying contemporary photographic art online

    fine art photography, keeping it natural, abstract contemporary nature images, images inspired by nature, natural photographic images, corporate art services, art for the home, art for offices, fine art on glass, fine art photos, creative services, canvas art, art printed on Perspex Acrylic

    Abstract contemporary photographic art is becoming increasingly popular. Modern interiors and open plan living lend themselves to art produced using modern printing methods – canvas, Perspex acrylic and even glass.

    Of course, choosing the right image for your home is the first and most important step and there are 3 key things to consider when making your choice:

    1. Do I like it?
    2. Will it suit my home?
    3. Can I afford it?

    What do you see when you look at the image? Does it make you feel happy, sad or nothing at all?  Good art should spark an emotion of some kind, ideally lifting your spirits, reviving senses or evoking memories. If it makes you feel sad or dull then you probably don’t want it hanging on the wall of your home!

    Picking an image that goes with the style of your home can seem daunting but actually isn’t. The abstract nature of Beeseye’s fine art photographic images means you will find that many look just right. The great thing about choosing a more abstract image is it can be hugely diverse and will look right with any interior – from a classically traditional country manor to a contemporary loft apartment.

    At Beeseye we offer an extra level to our bespoke art service to ensure you make exactly the right choice. Send us a snap of the wall/room where you are planning to put the piece and we’ll photoshop your chosen image into place so you can see exactly what it will look like before you buy.

    Last but not least, you must consider cost. Set your budget and stick to it because you’ll glean little pleasure from a purchase that sends you into the red. Fortunately, Beeseye’s images start at a little over £300/$500 which makes it a very affordable way of dressing your home with beautiful pieces of art.

    Visit the Beeseye galleries and enjoy choosing your next piece of nature inspired photographic art. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


  10. Nature inspired images for hospitality design projects

    nature inspired images, nature inspired art, hospitality art, art for hotels, art for offices, nature inspired art for hotels, design projects, nature images, original art, made to measure art, interior design, hospitality design, concept development, creative servicesBeeseye are specialist suppliers of hospitality art, providing custom made abstract nature images for hotels around the world.

    We work with art consultants, designers and individuals to produce contemporary photographic images that complement the project and the space.

    By offering an entirely bespoke, made-to-measure service we can work with you to find the best solution for your project. We use the Giclée printing method to print onto canvas, glass or Perspex acrylic; and the Lambda method when printing onto fine art paper.

    Take a browse through our online galleries and visit the Project pages where you can see fine examples of hospitality art, corporate art, interior design and art for the home. Not all our images appear on the website though so do get in touch so we can discuss your specific design requirements.

    When your design project demands nature inspired imagery, look no further than the Beeseye Gallery.