What do we do in a Nutshell.

We tend to work large, our pieces are generally the feature piece of our clients space…this might be a splashback for your kitchen or acrylic mosaics to fill a boardroom or hotel lobby.

Working with Art consultants and individuals we can help with concept development and planning.

Once printed we can ship your artwork globally and because we purchase unused space in existing shipping containers we keep the delivery costs down while doing our bit for the environment.

Beeseye and the boat.

In our lounge there’s the first acrylic artwork we ever printed hanging on the wall. It was a test print for the newly forming gallery. It’s a picture looking down at a small wave breaking over some sand on a Cornish beach.

I still look at that Artwork thirteen years on and it brings back memories of me as a small kid, paddling around in the surf, probably with a toy boat with my family on holiday.

That to me is the essence of The Beeseye Gallery…Emotion.

We want to make your space look amazing, we want people to talk about our artwork.

Love it, hate it, maybe not even know what it is – but hopefully it will provoke a memory, a positive feeling, something personal to each observer.

Visualise your space

Sometimes it difficult to visualize a piece of art in your space, that’s why we offer a no obligation service to place any of our images in your environment. Simply select an image or images from the gallery, upload your image or architects render to the visualise page, tell us roughly the size of the room and an outline of your project. We will then produce a composite of your space and the artwork, so you can see exactly how the installation will look before purchase.

Limited Editions

Our images are usually limited to just 25 editions… So your artwork will be unique, more than likely there will not be another like it… In twelve years providing artworks for corporations, hospitality and individuals I don’t think we have delivered the exact same specification artwork to a different client…Beeseye images are printed to fit the exacting individual needs of our customers. If you want to talk to us about an entirely bespoke image then please drop us a line.

The images we put online are part of a collection that has been steadily growing for over 15 years….So if you see an image you love there is a pretty good chance it’s part of a series of similar works… If you want a collection of artworks for your space with a similar theme, give us a call and we can go through the archive and put a collection together that fits your needs.

Taking care

We can measure up and or fit your artwork if needed, depending slightly on where you live, we ship globally so sometimes this is a little tricky, but if your in London or the home counties then we can help. Alternatively we can talk you through how to measure up and install your artwork with complete confidence.


Each artwork we produce is unique so it’s tough to put exact prices here, it depends on the order, the size, the time of day…Ok not the time of day but there are lots of factors to consider.

That said leaving you with no idea is frustrating so here goes.

A 100 x 80cm kitchen splashback from the gallery would be around £1,000.00 net
A similar size 5mm Acrylic piece would be about £800.00 net.

Well, that’s us, it’s who we are and what we do.