Art consultancy – Hospitality art 

We work with art consultants and interior designers to provide their clients with exactly what they need. EDL Associates is an independent

full-service art consulting firm based in Atlanta. The company assisted in buying a $40 million art collection for CityCenter, in the heart of Las Vegas. They chose images from Matt Wain’s collection to hang in the penthouse suites of the Aria Tower hotel.

“We had worked with Beeseye before and knew that something from Matt Wain’s collection would be perfect for the natural style of this project.

Beeseye offered us total exclusivity on the pieces we chose, and they kept them for us for two years while we arranged the details. Working with Beeseye was delightful, they are true professionals who really do go the extra mile.”

Caitlin Roberson, EDL.


Acrylic wall art

Dominic and Cindy wanted to find a piece of art that filled the space they had, which captured their love of all things nautical. After meeting up to view their space and discussing their requirements, they chose this image and we printed and installed this large three-panel acrylic wall art, depicting a wave breaking over rocks.

The glossy nature of the acrylic reflects the light coming into the room. Set off from the wall on aluminium posts, the image is printed directly onto the back of the acrylic – incorporating the colour of the walls within the highlight

areas of the piece.


On glass - 4.4m kitchen splashback

The owners of this kitchen were having their house renovated. They saw Matt’s images and wanted a splashback made to measure. To help them visualise the finished piece, we photographed the kitchen, where the splashback would be installed, and chatted to the owners about what they wanted to achieve.

We then Photoshopped various images into the picture, so they could see what different splashbacks would look like when installed. They chose this one and the piece was carefully designed and installed so that when guests sit at the breakfast bar, this three-panel image looks like one continuous image.


Corporate art – art for offices

We work with art consultants, private collectors and also directly with the hospitality industry and other businesses. One business, Christie, is a leader in visual solutions, a leading innovator in film projection and a pioneer in projection systems. So, we were very happy when they chose Beeseye

to help them create a visual impact for their own headquarters.  

"Beeseye came to our offices and then put together a proposal for us - suggesting images for throughout the building. Working with Beeseye was very easy, they were flexible and helpful, and they arranged the installation too. The pictures have been very well received by our staff and visitors alike. 

A colleague from our Paris office was so impressed he ordered a picture for his office too!"Kate Brennan, Christie.


Kitchen splashback printed on glass 

The Allen family’s kitchen and dining area is a perfect blend of old and new, so when they needed a splashback for their aga they were looking for a statement piece that would tie the room together. The Allens had seen an image they liked on the online gallery and got in touch. Having learned the family would like to take the piece with them should they decide to move, Beeseye came up with

a non-traditional solution: the image was

produced on toughened glass and mounted on stainless steel

posts rather than glued to the wall.

"Beeseye kept us informed each step of the way and made sure it was

perfect for us. It looks wonderful, we love it and all our friends do too! 

It’s a beautiful image, beautifully made." Mrs. Allen 


Update - The Allens did move and their glass splashback for the kitchen became a beautiful piece of wall art. 

Multi-panel kitchen splashback 

The owners of this kitchen wanted to get away from neutral colours for their interior space and asked us to produce a toughened glass splashback to complement the other art the open plan space. They chose this image. The finished splashback features one main piece behind the cooker, this is then repeated around the entire kitchen at a height of 25cm. Consisting of six panels in total, the glass was glued to the wall, is easy to wash downand virtually indestructible.

“We are really happy with it. We picked an image and gave Beeseye a photo of the kitchen. Beeseye photoshopped it to give us an idea of what it’d look like and that really helped us. They came and installed it for us – and we love it! It makes me happy every day.”  


Acrylic wall art - for the kitchen

From the outside, this family home is a traditional English country house – but step inside and their use of contemporary styling brings this home bang up to date. The customer, Jo, chose images to be printed onto acrylic – for their kitchen and a bathroom.  Jo explains:

“When we saw these images, we fell in love with them.  Beeseye is so careful about how they make the pictures.

We really weren’t sure about having a picture printed up on a piece of plastic – it sounded crazy, but we’re so glad we did it. They look amazing – I love the way the light passes through them casting colour onto the wall behind. My husband adores one of the pieces – and he doesn’t normally notice such things!”


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