Thinking green

At Beeseye, we love the world and we appreciate that we need to look

after what we have – locally and globally.

So, when it comes to our home and office environment, we think green - we recycle, grow our

own fruit and veg, hang our clothes out to dry, drive sensible cars and our offices have energy-saving insulation and lighting.

When it comes to producing and shipping the art – we do our very best to offset our impact on the environment and we choose the eco-friendliest methods we can.  

We work with designers and art consultants all over the world, so we ship the finished pieces using spare space on freight carriers that are already making journeys. Or, if it is a large order,

we arrange to work with the designer’s supplier to produce the images locally to their project.

The materials used for glass, paper and canvas production are sustainably sourced and by using the latest digital UV cure inks our art lasts a lifetime.  We recognise that acrylic is produced from oil – so we offset a tonne of carbon for each piece we make.

Our carbon offsetting programme

For each piece of acrylic we produce, we offset one tonne of carbon through the Carbon Footprint organisation – at

Digging deeper

As well as growing veg and planting trees, we also dig deep financially and give 5% of our profits to support Kew Gardens. Kew plays a pivotal role as a world-leader in plant science and conservation. 

Visit learn more about the important role Kew plays in the future of our planet.


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